Digital Badges

ID cards for members and guests.

Elevate Security & Convenience

Streamline member identification and enhance guest experience with our innovative badge creation solutions.

Customizable Design Options

Our ID badge and guest pass software offers a wide range of customizable design options, allowing you to tailor each badge to reflect your club’s unique branding. Choose from various templates, colors, and logos to create professional and visually appealing badges. This customization not only enhances the professional appearance of your club but also ensures easy identification of members and guests.

Digital Wallet Integration

Enhance convenience for your members and guests by adding their passes to Apple and Android wallets. Our software allows you to issue digital guest passes that can be easily added to mobile wallets, ensuring they are always accessible on their smartphones. This feature simplifies the check-in process, reduces the need for physical passes, and offers a modern, tech-savvy experience that aligns with the expectations of modern clubs.

Efficient Management

Simplify the process of managing guest access with our streamlined guest pass system. Our software allows for quick creation and distribution of guest passes, which can be customized with specific access privileges and expiration times. This efficiency not only improves the guest experience by reducing wait times but also helps your staff maintain better control and monitoring of visitors on the premises.

Sample Guest Pass

Custom design member IDs and guest passes with your own logo and color scheme.

Guest pass

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